Admission Mentor –  this profession has existed for a long time abroad. The task of such a specialist is to determine the potential of the student, help him/her with the choice of an optimal foreign university and with the preparation of all necessary documents while applying to their dream university.

    Motivation Letter – nowadays, every student is required to write a motivation letter while applying to the university abroad. So, what is a “Motivation Letter”? – This is a type of cover letter where you should disclose your achievements, personal qualities, interests, experiences and goals for the future. It also should justify your choice of educational institution and profession.



    • We conduct a personal consultation with each candidate, where we evaluate the potential of the future student and select suitable foreign universities (for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral degrees) with the possibility of obtaining financial assistance.

    • Afterwards, we organize the process of entering the desired university from beginning to end. (Filing an online application, writing motivation and recommendation letters, preparing for an interview with the university admission team and so on).

    • At the same time, we launch the process of submitting documents for financial assistance or governmental scholarships. This can be government scholarship programs, as well as scholarships from private foundations.

    • Also, we arrange consultation meetings, at which we select suitable internship programs for improving the professional qualifications of employees of various organizations in many different countries and fields.


    (For convenience, we have grouped the services into 5 packages)

    • Support in writing one motivation letter.
    • Support in writing two letters of recommendation.
    • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for admission.
    • Assistance, together with an applicant, in preparing and submitting the necessary documents for entering to a foreign universities and a bachelor’s degree in 5 (five) American universities.
    • Support in writing main motivation letter.
    • Support in writing additional essays (college admission essays) up to 5 pcs.
    • Support in writing three recommendation letters.
    • Filling an online application.
    • Filling an online application for receiving financial assistance.
    • CV/Resume preparation.
    • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for admission.
    • Support in writing main motivation letter.
    • Support in writing one additional motivation letter.
    • Support in writing two recommendation letters.
    • Selection of an appropriate university abroad for the client.
    • Selection of scholarship programs for the client.
    • Filling an online application.
    • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for admission.
    • Interview preparation.
    • CV/Resume preparation.
    • Personal consultation
    • Support in writing one motivation letter.
    • Personal consultation
    • Support in writing one recommendation letter.

    The number of our students who have successfully enrolled in the last 3 years.


    The number of successfully written motivation letters in the last 3 years.

    989 000 $

    The saved amount of money due to received scholarships only for the last year.


    I would like to thank Begzod Hakimov for his support in writing a motivation letter to New York University for a Master’s degree in International Education. Earlier, Begzod helped me to prepare my motivation letter to receive the Bolashak government scholarship, having received a scholarship, I managed to get an invitation from New York university in the USA. On the Internet, there are many sites that help applicants to write letters, but I am glad that I chose Begzod. Begzod is a highly qualified specialist in his field who is always happy to help.

    Many thanks )

    Zhaniya MaratovaNew York University


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